Customer Support Services

PartnerHero matches exceptional individuals with companies to create customer experiences that feel in-house, not outsourced. Our teams are designed to help you scale without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

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Support Fundamentals

Quality & Efficiency

Building a phenomenal support team is about understanding what metrics matter most to your business then aligning your team, tools and workflows to meet those metrics and exceed customer expectations.


We find people who are passionate about your product and create an engaging place for them to work.


We take the time to learn what metrics matter most to your business and then align your team and workflows to meet KPIs.


We make sure your tools are set up to deliver maximum efficiency and stellar customer experience.


Customer Support is the foundational touchpoint for your customers. Building a team that you can rely on is the first step to creating exceptional customer experiences.

Teams that grow with you

Flex Support teams are for small companies that need wide coverage (across many days and hours) but don't have a huge amount of ticket volume.

  • Flexible solutions for part time, odd hours or infrequent coverage.
  • Rolling three month contracts guarantee you're never in a situation that's not working for you.
  • Email, live chat and social support options
Quality at Scale

Quality teams across all channels

Our geographically diverse team members will sync with customers across platforms to ensure quick and smooth support.

Omnichannel Support

Our team members will meet your customers where they are - whether by phone,email, chat, video or social.

Curated For Quality

Support that feels like you. Associates seamlessly integrate into your workflows, tools and KPIs.

Any Team Size

From bootstrap through IPO, we build teams of all sizes starting with just two agents.

how it works

Together, we determine the right size and structure for your team.

We collaborate on defining the best candidates.

In 2-4 weeks we assemble your dream team.

We work with you to make sure associates are trained and ready to provide great customer experiences.

Level-up your operations

Support is about so much more than tickets. Working with PartnerHero means having access to best-in-class QA, analytics, automation and training.

Quality Assurance

Embed quality specialists on your team or work with our quality experts to build a custom QA plan.

Analytics & Insights

Work with our data team to dig deeper into productivity metrics and customer sentiment.

Helpdesk Automation

Build seamless, efficient workflows and automations with the help of our engineering team that specializes in reducing tool friction.


We have world-class L&D talent on staff to guide you and build trainings for your team.