Uber like App Development

Want to Make Your Own Taxi Booking App like Uber?

Get Your Own Scalable And Customized Taxi Booking App

Need to make your taxi startup effective like Uber and Lyft? Then, at that point, there's nothing better than fostering an entire taxi booking application arrangement that is considered as the eventual fate of transportation. Reproducing the Lyft and Uber taxi...Read more

Get Your Own Scalable And Customized Taxi Booking App

Looking for an effective taxi booking application, there are highlights that you would rather not miss. We urge you to make a list of highlights you need in your application/arrangement and send it to us, so we can more readily direct you with your necessities.


Scheduling of Trip

Plan trip ahead of time according to your favoured time, information, and ease just like Uber application. Permit riders to book a ride ahead of time with the goal that they don't need to stand by.


Most loved Destination

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There are two distinct choices for riders to make payment: credit/check card and money. Permit riders to make payment of the ride according to the convenience.


Trip History

Check total data about trips that are finished, forthcoming, and dropped. Indeed, actually look at the get and drop off areas and admission for the predefined trip


Driver Review

Just like Lyft and Uber taxi applications, our app permit riders to really take a look at the feedback of drivers. You can select the right driver for based on the feedback.

A Unique App to Provide You Uber Like Experience

Our Uber-like application is guarantees to serve you with a dependable taxi dispatch solution having highlights that can complete each one of your taxi tasks in the best manner, and hence assisting you in rivaling your rivals.

User-friendly and Easy To Use

The enormous benefit of utilizing our super like application is its straightforwardness. Usability is essential to any client of a ride-sharing application. Our application improves on the taxi booking process.

  • It guarantees a client to pick any accessible rides they need to go in
  • It diminishes the vulnerability of what sort of vehicle will show up and when.
  • It will diminish the odds of toll dealing, subsequently giving you the entire sum.
  • It will make it more straightforward for travelers to divide their charges.

That Means, no hailing, no calling to get a taxi any longer.

Reliability and Utility

As a vehicle pooling service, it is essential to maintain your image worth and believability. It will set out more open doors for cab drivers to join your ride-sharing application. It will likewise draw in more individuals to utilize your application to book their voyaging plans.

Our cab application empowers the two riders and drivers to rate one another. Subsequently, it will work on the nature of your administration with each ride set up for your application. Programmed e-receipt toward the finish of the rides will likewise serve your clients with problem free travelling.

Imitate Uber’s Success with Our White-label Uber Clone App

Smart Interface
Our Uber-like application is one of the numerous Uber clone applications internationally, yet none with a superior User Interface experience.

  • We give you adjustable UI/UX choices.
  • You can add or eliminate different highlights according to your application requests.
  • We have a powerful team of User Interface creators working with us.
  • They will assist you with changing your application and its UI the manner in which you need it to

Better UI/UX will bring about a superior market an incentive for your application. It will draw in more clients in your objective region and will get you more cash-flow.

Technology Stack Behind Our Taxi App Development

For Android Development



Programming Language



Programming Language

For iOS Development


Xcode 9.4



Swift 4

Programming Language



Programming Language

For Backend Development



Web Development Language





Ubuntu 16.04

Hosting Server


1What is an Uber Clone app?

An Uber clone app is a mobile application designed to replicate the core functionalities of the popular ride-sharing service, Uber. It allows users to book rides, connect with drivers, and enjoy a similar ride-hailing experience.

2How Can I Get an Uber Clone App for My Business?

To get an Uber clone app for your business, you can partner with a software development company specializing in ride-sharing app development. They will customize the app to match your brand, preferences, and any additional features you require.

3What Features Does an Uber Clone App Offer?

A typical Uber clone app includes features like user registration, ride booking, real-time tracking, driver profiles, fare estimation, payment processing, and driver ratings. You can also add features like ride-sharing, carpooling, and food delivery depending on your business model.

4 Is It Legal to Create an Uber Clone App?

Developing an Uber clone app is generally legal, but it's essential to comply with local transportation regulations and licensing requirements. You should ensure that your drivers have the necessary permits, and the app follows local laws and safety standards.

5Can I Monetize My Uber Clone App?

There are various ways to monetize your Uber clone app. You can earn revenue through commissions on each ride, surge pricing during peak hours, subscription models for premium features, in-app advertising, and partnerships with businesses for corporate rides.

6What Steps Should I Take to Ensure Safety in My Uber Clone App?

Safety is a top priority for ride-sharing apps. To enhance safety, implement features such as driver background checks, real-time tracking, emergency buttons, and user ratings and reviews. Regularly update the app to address security vulnerabilities and ensure user data privacy.