How Continuous Scrolling on mobile Impact SEO Search Results?

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How Continuous Scrolling on mobile Impact SEO Search Results?

Continuous scrolling on a mobile device is introduced by Google in October 2021, which is a new update. This update will work on all iOS and Android devices. Now, you will think that this is a very simple update with which you have nothing to do. But no, this is not a simple update as it shows its impact on search engine optimization (SEO). Yes, this update has created a temblor in the SEO industry.

While searching anything on your phone, you will see the option of “See More” at the end. But with this update, the option of “See More” is completely vanished. Instead of this option, the next search results will automatically get displayed on your device just like feeds that you see in your social media handles. This feature is very helpful and convenient when you search for anything when browsing on your phone.

What is Infinite Scroll?

Infinite scroll is a wonderful feature in web design where you will see continuous posts coming after one another. You will see such things on your social media accounts when you scroll down feeds come after one another. This is what we call as an infinite scroll.

An infinite scroll was invented by Aza Raskin. This feature came in action on 28 April 2006 on Humanized Reader app and Raskin’s blog.

This feature is very good and need not pagination, or the process that separates digital content into different sequential pages. Such content design is famous on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

This change in the Google search is so convenient and people like such searches. Also, this is the topmost reason why social media is so successful.

Why Google introduced continuous scroll to mobile?

Google introduced continuous scroll to mobile for the users to improve user experience (UX). This feature is beneficial to those who look for more information and inspiration. Also, this feature is not for everyone as it is useful for those who have more user intent.

Here are the benefits that user will come across:

  1. The click through rates (CTR) of the site is improved.
  2. It creates more opportunities by creating traffic on pages.
  3. It increases engagement as users continue on Google mobile app for longer period.
  4. It permits Google to show more ads.

How to take advantage of continuous scrolling in SEO?

There are certain advantages of continuous scrolling in SEO that you should learn. With the use of the advantages, you can grow your business rapidly. Yes, it’s true. So, read this write-up till last and grab the information and implement it in your business to grow continuously. Now, check out the advantages.

 1. Use influential elements: Titles and descriptions make any stuff interesting. Yes, if your title and descriptions are attractive, user will search for your content and look after your product. Also, with the introduction of continuous scrolling, it makes the navigation of SERP easier for the end user. This denotes that people who will search for an information have more option on Google.

We can say that the title and description of any web content is a game changer. While searching anything on Google, these are the first thing that Google will see. Attractive titles and meta descriptions are the things that will attract people towards you. So, present it very well on Google for your business growth.

In case of videos, thumbnails are very important to attract people. Here, thumbnails perform an important role in the user engagement. Also, title will be very attractive. In short, both title and thumbnails should attract users towards your content.

 2. Go for a quality content: After title and meta description, the next thing that user will look out on your website is your content. Yes, content also plays an important role in the user engagement. When your content quality is good, people will stay on your page and this will ultimately boost your business. So, deliver a quality content and engage the user.

3. Enhance your website and web properties for mobile web design: A great mobile user experience is very important for the users to connect with you. Also, you can take the help of SEO to improve your site for the user engagement. These days, people want easy access of everything. So, if your site allows you smooth scrolling, people will stick to you and ask from you.

Bottom Line

Continuous scrolling is the best thing that Google has introduced. It will enhance user engagement and indirectly boost your business. So, we can say that, this is the best thing that Google has introduced. Therefore, take the advantage of it and grow your business with the help of SEO.


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