Web Application Testing: The Basics of Web App Test Automation

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Web Application Testing: The Basics of Web

These days, people are relying on web app development and started to migrate from desktop to web-based interfaces. Therefore, testing web applications is becoming more critical. This is the reason why understanding what and how to automate is an important thing for successful web app testing.

However, web app development sometimes comes with a risk. The risks involved in it are that the web applications and websites that are going to use must work across multiple browsers, the version of the browser is an important concern, and operating systems, and devices, including mobile.

What is web application testing?

Web testing or web application testing is a software practice that assures that the given web application is working properly or not. Whether it is meeting the requirement or not. Also, web testing helps in finding bugs at any given time before the release or on an everyday basis.

We can say that testing is an important part of software development. If a code is changed in the system, whether small or big, bugs will appear in the system. Moreover, the cost to fix the bug is very high, so we can consider it as an additional cost. However, effective web testing can prevent these additional costs.

How to test web applications?

To create a top-notch web application, you need to be dedicated. It will need a lot of testing which can be tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, automation is invented to create fast, efficient, and reliable test cases for web applications.

Test automation does repetitive testing tasks from humans to machines. It compares actual outcomes with predicted outcomes. This helps find bugs in specific operations and simple-use cases. For example, logging in, creating a new account, and doing password resets.

The main benefit of automating web application tests is that it saves time and effort on monotonous tasks. These tests can be run continuously or scheduled at intervals. This will indirectly save a lot of time.

What can you automate in web apps?

Looking after your business objectives, you can automate the different types of tests. All the tests available are useful on their terms. You need to look after your objective and select accordingly. Here are the tests that you can automate for a web application.

1. Functional Testing: Functional Testing ensures the function of the software. It confirms that the testing is satisfied for an end-user.

If a single end-user wants, they can make the whole system crash in minutes regardless of the point that it has passed unit, integration, and performance tests. This can happen only if the user does something that the developer did not expect.

2. Regression Testing: This test can be described as “repeated functional testing”. This testing ensures that the software is working even after its code or configuration is changed. For example, when new features are involved in the system, this testing ensures that the old feature is in working mode along with the new feature.

Automated Regression Testing accesses computer-based tools and techniques to look after the updated software in the system.

3. Cross-browser testing: Cross-browser testing will ensure that the system is working on all the available platforms such as different browsers both on desktop and mobile.

To access this testing, the browser needs to be updated as in if you want to deploy the testing, the browser may create an issue.

Make sure while accessing this testing, you have an updated browser version.

4. Performance testing: Performance testing (stress and load testing) make sure that a web application can bear peak user loads. Manually, it won’t be possible to reach the stress or load level. That is why automation is used that proves that your application can perform in any situation.

Wrap up

Web app development is helpful in several ways. You can make use of it and develop a web application. However, in current times, there are several testing available that will save a lot of effort and time. Access those tests and make your system work properly.




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