Top 5 Game Development Trends of 2022

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Top 5 game development trends of 2022


Undoubtedly, the Mobile gaming industry is the most appealing industry in the current scenario. People are moving toward this industry in large Numbers. As per the demand and supply chain, mobile gaming industries are expanding on a large scale. Due to this, mobile game development is exceeding technically as well as commercially.

Top 5 game development trends of 2022

Talking about the current scenario, there are more than 3 billion online gamers. By this data, we can predict the craze for mobile games. Also, there is no doubt that in the coming years, the mobile gaming industry will be more innovative and active.

Some important statistics of mobile game development

  • As per the information provided by Statista, more than 3.24 billion people are gamers, ie, 40% of the global population spends their time gaming.
  • Another report by GlobalData estimates that by the year 2030, the gaming revenue will expect to reach $272 billion.
  • As per the SensorTower report, by the end of 2025, approximately 71% of revenue will come from Google play with the help of mobile games.
  • Also, as per SensorTower, by 2025, the player investment will reach $138 billion on App store and Google play.

Some mobile game development trends to follow in 2022

If you are planning to invest in mobile game development, you must know the latest trends. So for your information, here are some of the trends of 2022 that you must follow.

   1. Mobile cloud computing: Mobile cloud computing or Gaming as a service (GaaS) is something that will be very important for you. Additionally, subscription models will help you a lot. As it will add some payment method for your motivation.

Also, it will allow users to play games without using their PC. It is a convenient way to play games on laptops, PCs, mobile devices, etc.

    2. eSports are making its way: If you are thinking that eSports are new in the mobile gaming market, then you are wrong this time. eSports are setting its trend for years. Initially, people follow and watch games by watching them on TV or through various live events or through web sources. Also, some games are available through live streaming services from where you can watch your preferred games and play any of your desired games in real-time.

    3. The rise in gaming socialization: Now, here comes the favorite part of all the youngsters. Not only youngsters are keen interested in social media so does the remaining generations. Most people spend their time strolling and chatting on social media. So, the gaming industry put its nose in this way to seek the attention of people.

These days, people have the option to play several games on their favorite digital platform. This increases at the time of pandemics when people were isolated in their respective homes and have nothing to do. So, here comes the gaming area in rescue. People spend most of their time playing games on their digital media platforms.

Also, Game developers introduced some real benefits of gaming to the people. They included features like social media connectivity, guilds, chat rooms, and much more to get the attention of more and more people. Such features make them successful through social media platforms.

    4. Cross-platforms are on the rise: Cross-platform is an important trend of 2022 that will shape the gaming industry. If you are willing to play cross-platform, then you need some important stuff. Consoles and multiple systems are those. It will help you to link and play your desired game.

Initially, there was no such system for playing cross-platform. But the introduction of these two helped people to play across platforms. In 2021, people came to know about cross-platform gaming practically. They only need game codes to initiate their game.

If you want to play cross-platform, access your laptops, desktops, mobile,s and tablets. These are the technologies that will help you to go cross-platform.

    5. Use of wearable technology: Wearables are a new technology for playing and enjoying games to the fullest. These are electronic gadgets that have sensors that will help you to assess, identify and share data with users in real-time. Some wearable gadgets in line are fitness rings, wristbands, and smartwatches.

Wearables are gadgets that help you to track health and wellness. But they are also increasing in the gaming industry as well. In the device, you can track the gaming sessions attended by any player. And as a result, it will boost the gamer’s gaming experience where you can access the information and enjoy your game.

Also, you can boost the streaming quality by accessing microphones which will directly increase your gaming experience. So, you can enjoy each and every aspect of wearable technology and enjoy your game.


The gaming industry is gaining popularity and is increasing worldwide. There are some trends of 2022 that are coming a long way to help the gaming industry. Mentioned above are some of the trends that will help your way out. Go through these trends and enjoy your game to the fullest. Moreover, all the trends are very helpful in making your experience better in every way out.

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