Top 6 PHP Development tools for amazing website designing

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PHP Development tools

In the current era of digitization, the promotion of business has taken a whole new shape. Gone are the days when distribution of flyers and pamphlets was enough. Now, businesses need websites to get closer to their target groups. A creative, mobile-friendly, and responsive website is all you need today to stay ahead in the completion.

For the development of such websites emerged a huge demand for development tools, to assist developers in creative innovative, intuitive, and feature-rich websites. Among all trending development tools, PHP is considered one of the most commonly used server-side languages. In order to increase the efficiency of coding and make PHP work easier, there are various PHP development tools available in the market.

These web development tools are used to create a perfect PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment), a platform for PHP developers to unique and creative PHP projects and to uplift programming efficiency. So, here we have created a list of the top 6 PHP Development tools for Amazing website designing

List of Top 6 PHP Development tools

Zend Studio: Zend Studio PHP IDE is suitable for most PHP variants, including PHP 7, and platforms like Linux, Windows, and OS X. This program has a simple to-utilize interface and most of the freshest highlights expected to accelerate PHP site advancement. It is quicker in execution and brings positive outcomes. With Zend Studio, you can also have access to the eclipse plugin. Other smart features like search and index PHP code are present along with Zend studio.


  • Zend Studio gives better coding through an intelligent code editor
  • It enables easy debugging and profiling
  • Control interoperability: Git, GitHub, CVS, and SVN
  • PHP apps can be easily used in private and public clouds

 Code Lobster: Codelobster supports most PHP frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter (our PHP developers love this), CakePHP, Joomla, Drupal, and Symfony. Codelobster provides auto-complete features of tags for many languages like JavaScript, HyperText Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets, along with the names of arguments, functions, and attributes.


  • The PHP debugger has all the important information just like when you get while debugging a compiled language
  • Codelobster aids in figuring out the reason for complex, difficult, and simple bugs
  • It offers Plugins for the most popular frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.

 Netbeans: This application has a great deal of elements and can be used in several languages. NetBeans fosters a Java development environment. For PHP Development, the most recent versions of Netbeans are considered to be lighter, faster, and compatible. Netbeans development tool is well-suited with mostly all eminent PHP frameworks, including Zend, Symfony 2, CakePHP, FuelPHP, Smarty, and the WordPress CMS.


  • Allows Code folding and formatting
  • It has features of smart code completion and editing
  • Netbeans allows fast user interface development
  • Enables you to write bug-free code

 Eclipse: Eclipse is considered one of the best PHP development tools because of its features and ease of use. It is a fully built tool and considered as most widely used PHP integrated development environment. Eclipse supports most of the eminent operating systems like Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Eclipse’s cutting-edge features make it easier to create and simplify complex PHP applications.


  • Easy navigation throughout the code
  • Plenty of available Code templates and code formatting
  • It highlights Syntax

 PHPDebugbar: As the name implies, PHPDebugbar is a PHP debugger and it can execute with any venture and shows information from an assortment of web applications. There are two sections to this PHP development tool i.e.main DebugBar object with information gatherers and the renderer. Information gatherers gather explicit information A Standard DebugBar comprises of a prepackaged built-in set of collectors.


  • The interface of PHPDebugar is clean, fast, and user-friendly
  • You can easily monitor Network traffic
  • Allows easy handling of AJAX requests
  • Log & debug directly to Debugbar

 AWS Cloud 9: AWS Cloud 9 is a cloud-based PHP IDE. You can code, execute, and investigate your code with the help of your browser. It is a complete pack of a code editor, debugger, and terminal and can be considered as a complete solution for your PHP development needs. It is a finished arrangement and comprises a code supervisor, debugger, and terminal. Best of all, all you want is a web-associated machine to utilize it, your location doesn’t make any difference whatsoever.


  • It allows real-time language analysis
  • Have features like marking or tabbing file management
  • The easy debugging process is integrated into the tool.

Final words:

So, this was the list of 6 best PHP development tools that will help you to create a feature-rich and intuitive website. Apart from these, there are several other PHP development tools available in the market. However, these are the best ones with features ranging from syntax highlighting to debugging. Hope this article helped you in a better understanding of the best PHP development tools.


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