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Entertainment apps Netflix

Entertainment apps are something that we crave for. Yes, it is exactly what the word means. Nowadays, entertainment apps are our best friends. From the COVID-19 times, we look forward to the apps that entertain us and help in passing our time. Before that, these apps were just sitting idle on our devices. We understood its importance after COVID 10 outbreak. Since that year and time, it is rising and is still in continuation. If you are looking for such apps that will entertain you, then here is a list of such. Scroll down to know the best of it.

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1. Netflix

Entertainment apps Netflix

Netflix is the best entertainment application and is at the top of the list. People used to watch series and movies online on Netflix which is the top entertainment app choice for streaming TV and movies.

This app incorporates thousands of documentaries, shows, original series, movies, and other content of good quality. The main feature of this app is that it shows no ads while running the content. This is the reason users love it and want to use it more and more. In 2022, Netflix won 44 Emmys beating other entertainment applications.

2. Amazon Prime VideoAmazon Prime Video app

Amazon Prime Video is best for binge-watching movies, original series, and shows. You can watch all your favorite content in one place. To start the app, you need to get a subscription to it by buying a convenient program. Select a subscription program and get started.

 3. Tubi – Free movies and TV showsTubi - Free movies and TV shows

Tubi is a free alternative to paid streaming services. Here, you will get a big library of content from where you can watch your desired one. Also, you need not take the subscription of it as it is totally free. The only disadvantage of this app is ads that will run throughout the content.

This application can be run on any operating system whether android or iOS. The video quality is excellent and is known for its high coverage of movies and web series.

4. Disney +

Disney +

Disney + is also an entertainment application that has a wide range of movies and series. Here, you have to take the subscription of it and start watching your desired content. Also, you can watch Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and, other shows for your entertainment. You can download it on both Android and iOS.

5. ClubhouseClubhouse

Are you an extrovert who wants to talk about your favorite shows and interest with people around the globe? The clubhouse app has thousands of conversation rooms where you can discuss your points. Here, you can join the conversation, put up your views, listen to others, and host your discussions. There are several benefits of it as you can find real friends, get professional advice, grab knowledge and information and even get job offers. So, whenever, you feel bored get indulge in this application and make your time better from it.


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